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Everyone has an inspiration to do something that another person does, and everyone has an example to be like in the future or to live up that goal to be them. Well I do. I liked writing and reading ever since I was little. My favorite person I admire is Kate Dicamillo. She got me to love books when I read some of her books awhile back when I was eight or nine. She is well known for writing books, some include: Because Of Winn- Dixie, The Tale Of Despereaux, The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane, Flora And Ulysses, The Tiger Rising, The Magician Elephant, and Raymie Nightingale.  I like her writing style, and adventurous mind that makes the wonderful books she makes. She is my example, the kind of person I want to be and have the same kind of job I want to do when I am older. My dream is to be just like her. She inspired me and made me look past my present life, into my future. Have you ever had a person inspire you, or do you have someone you want to be like when you are older?                                                                         -Alyssa B.


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How And What Book To Pick Or Buy On Your Own

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Are you one of those people that have a hard time finding a book, or don’t know if you should buy this or that book because you haven’t even read it? If so, you are reading the right post. This post will give you ideas and tips on how to look for a book without even knowing what to read, it will help you make decisions, it will [hopefully] encourage you to look into more genres of books to read from, and it will [hopefully] get you to read if you still don’t like reading books.

First things first, when you are picking from a selection of books from your house, or library, you need to find your age level of books, otherwise, you can get bored with a book that’s age level is too young for you, and you can get very confused with a book that’s age level is too grown up for you.

Second, think of your personality, talents, and things you like. This will get you started on an idea of what genre of books you want to read from.

Third, ask yourself if you like to read little or small books. This really matters. If you are someone that absolutely hates books that take forever to read, then avoid the huge books and stay to the smaller books. If you hate small books, than do the exact opposite from what I just said. The only problem with this, is that I think you should read a selection of these kind of books, because it’s healthy for your brain. Taking a break from huge books gives you a brain reliever when changing to small books, while taking a break from small books gives you a challenge when reading huge books. Its always good to change it up.

Fourth, DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER!! You know how the old saying goes. A book could have a cover that has nothing on it, and it could turn out to be the best book ever after you read it.

Fifth, read multiple book reviews on the books when looking for books to get or read. [Wink, wink, my blog is for that exact thing. I have a page that has reviews on books]

Sixth, when buying a book, you always want to read the book first from a library, or any other place that provides books. The reason why is because you might not like the book when you buy it to read for the first time, as well as you might waste you’re money. Trust me, books are expensive. Renting from a library won’t cost you a penny.

Seventh, lastly, think before you do. Don’t buy a bunch of books that you think will be good based on the cover [going back to step four], or summarized story on the back. It can be very hard for you if you don’t know what you are looking for, and haven’t read multiple reviews [going back to step five] on the book. If this does happen, and you dont like the book you got, instead of throwing it away in the trash, or on your dusty bookshelf, give it to Goodwill or re-gift the book to a friend that likes reading. Spend wisely, and save trees.

If you follow all of these steps/tips you can find a great book that will surely interest you and spark an imagination that is somewhere inside you. If you listened to my tips on buying books as well, then you should be good to go with the money part.

Therefore, now you know how to pick a book when it comes time, and now you know how to buy the book wisely on your own as well. Good luck!                   -Alyssa



One Thing That Angers Me About Books

Everything has to have one negative thing about that topic/thing. My topic is books. Books, in my perspective, are great to read and dive into and let your mind wander in. You could sit on the comfy couch and snuggle up and to your long, and exciting book. Also, you could learn a thing or two from them.

Sure, but the one negative thing about reading a book is that some people put competition into the reading part. I don’t like it when you compete with reading because you don’t get the full knowledge of what really happened in the book. Its like you read it for nothing, but to win against the other person. Books are not for that.

You should take your time on the book, and relax. Books aren’t something to stress about, its actually the exact opposite. Have a nice time, and read a book if your stressed. We shouldn’t be competing about reading. It doesn’t matter what page you are on, it matters how much you learn and understand about the book.

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Welcome to my blog!!

My favorite thing about books is how they give you so much detail, that you think you are actually in the book. Also, you cant help to like the suspense the books give you. Sometimes, if the book is really good, and filled with lots of suspense, I can finish the book in a day. Books are the best!!

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